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You’ve been directed to this page because


Option 1
You are trying to complete the creation of your “CMonGroupe” account:
You received an email entitled “Confirm your CMonGroupe registration” with an “activate my account” button.
This message must handled directly on your mobile device if you want the button to be effective when you click on it.

NB : You must consult this message on an electronic mailbox available on the phone you use to visit the App. It is essential that you do this confirmation on your telephone and not on a PC.

Option 2
You successfully activated your account : 
Just enter your email address and password on your telephone  to connect yourself to the App., consult the internal job offers or simply follow the Casino group’s news.

Option 3
You received a link because someone is trying to share an article with you: 
You need to download the application to view its content.

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